Author: Amphetamin

  • Ana

    ??I remember the bitter taste of the pills rammed down our young throats. Our peers were getting thrills from ecstasy, whilst we were in agony, the ironic mirroring did not slip past me. The angels in white coats found their calling in saving our fragile perceptions. El diablo, and his henchman diagnosis, dealt in our […]

  • The Battle

    The sheets and blankets of thunder clap, The inky debris like militia led towards the black, Clawing up the skyline. Desperate to join the battle of light and dark, The hounds of hell bark and the angels hark, It is Evil versus the Divine. I watch this battle curiously, Which side to support I question […]

  • War Crimes

    Their faces distorted, Masks contorted to fit the shrunken bones. The final humiliation to be so alone And trapped in a cell of arrogance. The senseless deaths occuring From bravely spurning questions Asked not from curiosity, But animosity. How did these doctors not bleed From their believed stigmata, Surely they bartered with the devil For […]

  • Piano Keys

    Your stomach lining’s burning As the pages keep on turning In your book of self-destruct. The never ending cycle Twists and turns Whilst you stifle your screams aimed at your ego. You are your only foe for the world still adores Every inch of your perfection. What a shame that the reflection you see is […]

  • St Jude

    St Jude, oh set me free. I’m no lost soul, I still believe. These problems stem from people’s lack of faith in me, Not vice versa. And I will push further until another saint is re-assigned. The only crime I’ve committed is jading my eyes. As a multiple of sighs erupt I realize I’m sounding […]