Author: jessica

  • Patience

    Patience It was hard for her to take care of herself. There was no drive No passion for herself. Her drive Her passion was Driven towards life Driven towards death Her annoyance towards the nagging To become part of something greater Pulsated through her rapidly She had to push the noise out She had to […]

  • Just Life

    I hear with a questioning ear and interpret with a sickened mind I am delusional and I love it I am cynical but I am happy I sit in solitude and breathe heavy I sip wine just to keep steady I want to move but to somewhere unknown Somewhere I can be with you yet […]

  • And It Felt Good

    The reminents of cock stained her breath. And it felt good. She wasn’t in love with him. And if felt good. She frequented his place for good conversation, good company, and great sex. And it felt good. She had no ties, no obligation, no commitment. And it felt good. She had money, had her mind, […]

  • For I am Home

    I feel myself sinking back to the depths The depths of which turn me lethargic The depths in which I do not speak The depths in which my thoughts are the loudest I feel myself sinking but its not really sinking, it’s returning Returning to the inside where I am afraid Returning to the emotions […]

  • This is my story, this is my life

    This is my story this is my life. One of these days, it’ll be okay. It’ll be divine as I cross the line. Into that other space, that other world. Into that content ness like when I was a little girl. No worries No sorrows No “what about tomorrows”. No downs, Only ups. Just a […]

  • Ordinary

    My mind wonders. I don’t think. I listen to the noises. I write the mumble. I write the swoosh. Foot steps with voices. Rattling change with face. Alone on a bench waiting for a train. A train that will take me to no ordinary place. I close my eyes, think of what I want and […]

  • You’re Fine

    Pushed forward into a room full of blank faces. White walls, white floors, white ceilings, numbing white lights. Lives being changed forever in this emotionless pit. Souls being intentionally killed with the help of one little kit. Wheeled in, snipped and probed, it’s like a f*cking assembly line. Wake up, wipe the blood and tears, […]

  • A little Sad, A little Glad

    I sit… Sitting on a stoop. Wondering what to do. It’s five in the morning, crack of dawn, ain’t no mourning cause there ain’t no use in loving the morning. No love in sight. No human right. No embracing life, cuz I gave up the fight. F*ck you. I don’t give up a fight. I […]

  • I Feel You

    I Feel You When I hug you, you know what I feel? I feel your heart. I feel your body. I feel the blood pulsing through your veins. I feel the fact that you are a living, breathing human being. When I see you, I feel you. When I touch you, you know what I […]