A little Sad, A little Glad

I sit…
Sitting on a stoop.
Wondering what to do.

It’s five in the morning, crack of dawn, ain’t no mourning cause there ain’t no use in loving the morning.

No love in sight.
No human right.
No embracing life, cuz I gave up the fight.

F*ck you. I don’t give up a fight. I win and that is no sin.
Cuz it’s work and it f*cking hurts but it is the thing we all value with worth.

I love me but I love you more but then out of nowhere I’m called a whore.
Trust me. I feel I can see, what is meant to be, that is you and me.
We are different. But I love your spirit. I’ve been put in it but I’ve become the split of it.

The run to.
The guarantee.
The one to be.
You just don’t see.

My passion.
The way I put the lash in.
The way I always sat in.
Your waiting hours in.

I wait and wait,
don’t hesitate cuz I love it.
Your sweet face of fate.
Your smile, your style, your ups and downs.
You don’t talk to me but it don’t get me down.

a little sad, a little glad,

Copyright Jessica Reynolds © 2007

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