Author: Jule Carey

  • Hold The Light

    We don’t have to see tomorrow as we depart from yesterday End the myth of wonder Add the touch of sorrow Fire away…meet the day Time withstands to borrow Softened memories As you meet the ‘morrow Embraces fade away To avoid the sorrow Of a broken today When roads depart at the fork The trails […]

  • Red Cloud

    Red Cloud was born deep in Wyoming In a Sioux Band he called his own He grew up to lead the Red man Through bloody battles to save his land He was tall and he was proud The last thing he would do was back down He ruled the Sioux Band carefully They set up […]

  • Corporate Greed

    Alterations Complications Indignation Self Preservation Corporate Greed A poor man’s need No they don’t care No they don’t care Homeless Man Garbage Cans Outside their door Don’t want to see no more Conceal themselves Insulate their opinions Cos they don’t care No they don’t care Interception False reflection Interpretations Corporate Relations Liaisons near A small […]

  • Summer Carnival

    Breathing life into life The carnival invades a small town Lighting up the sky from afar Cheap thrills Dirty folded dollar bills Rides spin circles in the Tattooed operators eye Grinding wheels upon the axis Merciless kewpie dolls Shameless and tactless All filling the night with odorous sound Screams pleading stop-but keep on going Bleeding […]

  • Living Logo of Status

    You shop status You the affluent mall goer You who stores pop up for You brandish logos across your breasts and butts You So much responsible for the paper chase You Are not me You The affluent mall goer You The living logo of status…

  • He was like the night

    he was like the night beginning and ending with complete perfection with no detection of any repose like the summer rain that doesn’t know the relief it brings in and out of transparent things the sun hides waiting to rise after he and the night are through she remembers the hazy dance and rides the […]

  • So Much Learned

    When dreams are kites floating in the sky You grab the line and run to fly As long as you try to catch the wind And love yourself from deep within Dreamers dream Lovers sigh Artists paint a picture of high Singers sing Players play The world turns on everyday We hardly know the questions […]

  • Scream Resistance

    Sometimes you’re tired of standin’ alone They point the finger Sayin’ you’re the strong one But you feel you need a heart to lean on Look around the scene If ya don’t smile…you’ll scream Burnin’ out of Time and luck Walk the distance Scream resistance Scream resistance Scream resistance