Red Cloud

Red Cloud was born deep in Wyoming
In a Sioux Band he called his own
He grew up to lead the Red man
Through bloody battles to save his land
He was tall and he was proud
The last thing he would do was back down
He ruled the Sioux Band carefully
They set up camp near Fort Kearney

As the white man entered in
Red Cloud protected what was his
He attacked and He succeeded
Headin’ them off at Bozeman’s Trail
They hid in bushes and climbed up trees
They brought the soldiers to their knees
It was bloody, hardcore and intense
They killed all eighty troops in defense

All that night they celebrated
Danced ’round fires of fearless tales
They bowed down to Red Clouds fury
And named him the warrior of Bozeman’s Trail

White man openin’ up the West
When they fought the Sioux the fought the best
Red Cloud led the fearless band
But the sign of peace was in his hand
The white man scattered and ran away
He knew they would be back someday

The year was 1868
They called him down to Washington, DC
They offered him a reservation
In a bogus Peace Treaty
Red Cloud saw their strength in numbers
And the writing on the wall
He signed on to be the head chief
And moved his people one and all

Soon they learned that white man lied
They lost their legacy, pride and land
Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse
Spread the word it was by Red Cloud’s hand
All the Sioux agreed and acted
Stripping Red Cloud of his command

He lived the rest of his days in exile
On a reservation plain
He remembered the battle at Bozeman’s
And how it won him his warrior name
It was not the fault of Red Cloud
White man made sure they’d come through
But the loss and respect of his people
Broke the warrior’s heart in two
He relived his treasured moments
There was nothing else that he could do
There was nothing else that he could do
There was nothing else that he could do

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