Author: Krys C

  • When Im Gone

    So I live Like Theres No tomorrow, and I smile everyday, Cause if i dont smile who will brighting up my day, I hide the pain and I stand tall, Cuz Real woman never break down and fall, Even through the worst times I’ll always know, That when its my turn to go, every1 will […]

  • Love

    When People are in love it shows, right down 2 our smiles and to the way we look at each other. Sometimes I think I’m the only 1 in love because you don’t look at me like you love me, You don’t act like u need me, and sometimes you act like you don’t even […]

  • At Your Best

    I could say I was blind to your goodness, and unappreciative to your kindness, but I wasn’t use to being happy, or enjoying some1s company as much as I did yours. Like standing at the top of a mountain and feeling great or watching a water fall amazed, being with you I couldn’t even compare […]

  • In Thee End

    It hurts the most to think about how happy you made me at times, I can laugh to myself just thinking about the past, I honestly don’t know where things actually went wrong, questions I have for you like was it you? or was it me? I feel so much pain right where my heart […]