When People are in love it shows, right down 2 our smiles and to the way we look at each other. Sometimes I think I’m the only 1 in love because you don’t look at me like you love me, You don’t act like u need me, and sometimes you act like you don’t even care.

So Many things I want to do with you and sometimes to you, But also so many reasons why I hold back. Sometimes I’m afraid to even kiss you, how do you think it feels to not be able to feel comfortable kissing some1 you love, or jus being sweet n holdin them, and telling them how much they mean to you. But the Reason I’m not comfortable is because You’ve rejected me so many times on a relationship that all I expect from you is rejection. And Don’t Get me WRONG, I respect that u let me know that you weren’t “READY” even though your reasons never matched up. And Still I stayed by your side, I stayed faithful, and there were times where I couldn’t do it anymore, and I just wanted to give up on you, but it was only for a day or maybe just a hour, And I always let u know I want you back, and that I would miss you to much if I didn’t have you. Why I still love you and why I still deal idk why yet.

As a matter of fact I do know, I think you interested me a lot, I see a lot of my grandfather and my father in you, Your Pride is Beautiful, and your humbleness is calming, And Your honesty is Greatly Appreciated.

So At The End of the day, you don’t have to love me, and maybe you never will but I do love you, and I don’t want any other man because even though you don’t do much for me, you do just enough to make me smile and I enjoy every moment and any little bit of time we get to spend togethe

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