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  • Lord be with me

    [Chorus:] For me, you paid it all on Calvary; To me, you gave promises; With me Lord Jesus, be with me… When I lay down to sleep, be with me… When I wake, Oh Lord, be with me… As I live my life, be with me, Lord be with me. [Verse 1:] Who I am, […]

  • To my Lord to my King

    To my Lord; To my King; As I went to sleep yester night a calm sleep to me you gave. With Dreams and Visions to me you spoke. Before the sun could shine on the surface of the earth me you woke so I may contemplate and admire the mightiness of works! Jehovah! Jehovah! Jehovah! […]

  • Flesh of my Flesh

    Hmmm, My imagination one would say yet my dream almost reality I did not seize! As the anticipated month nears and flowers blossom Emptiness invades me to know that in my arms I shall carry you not, nor shall I smile at neither sunrise nor sunset. Be strong, your momma says unto I… Be strong, […]

  • All

    To love, a stranger no one desires to be and a stranger all say they ain’t yet once a new love should they find wow, never ever before have I seen love like this one this is true love they all recite. Hours spent recounting the uniqueness of her lips, tights, eyes and damn shut […]