To love, a stranger no one desires to be and a stranger all say they ain’t yet
once a new love should they find wow, never ever before have I seen love like this one this is true love they all recite.

Hours spent recounting the uniqueness of her lips, tights, eyes and damn shut your mouth cuz yall do it all over and over again and still don’t wanna be a stranger to love.

Not to be or be? None says yet, to be or not to be an anthem to all it is.

A stranger to your love I am not but a guest and an apprentice I proclaim my being for never do I want to have a déjà vu love

He who did not see the miracle, saw the skies I heard and 1,2,3 the miracle march I took for no skies did I want to see. A conqueror be I not referred as, but the invader of the conqueror be I known.

Your you conquered I, with you I fell and rose in love, all you ever dreamed of my me the reflection and the reality of your fantasies I am. Your past, not to worry for a simple scribble that my presence will erase, to me you state A mountain that ain’t worth the climb but the run for impatient to see my see you were

A stranger to your love, I ain’t and to love a stranger never do I want to be. With precaution and a stranger by all is treated hence a déjà vu to the world he is a stranger comes and goes and does not leave no legacy behind

An apprentice to your love and to love be I known, for, for a prescribed period of time we know by your side I will be will it be till my last breath? Or till may your dream be the ruler of my time should you never wake, till my last breath my presence be felt!

A stranger to your love, I ain’t and to love a stranger never do I want to be for the meaning of calumny might be the act of uttering true charges

A guest to your love and to love be I known for my loving is always prominent such as a guess star with warmth and affection may I be treated for my being is worth the miracle walk I took and 3,2,1 babe, yours I am all

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