Author: metafly

  • Just Listen

    i wish i could take back everything you believe I did wrong. The mismangement of your feelings and pain reeling around in this circle. being hurtful was not my goal. There were never petty arguments or time spent being mad….just time spent being loving and laughing. And then it happened. Uncertainty, broke in and I […]

  • Take Care of Me

    Take care of me What a large request for a small circumstance. I can handle the bills the babies, the boss and Whatever else the universe tosses at me, but I need you to take care of me. I have ten thousand hands in ten million things I can situate, talk, cook, contemplate, cuss and […]

  • Self Preservation

    Note to self: Respectfully, I decline I no longer wish to participate In this inane Circle of foolishness. What were you thinking You weren’t drinking When you made The decision to Affront Your well thought out mission To succeed in life and love. How could you Lower your guard Like that How could you chop […]