Self Preservation

Note to self:

I decline

I no longer wish to participate
In this inane
Circle of foolishness.

What were you thinking
You weren’t drinking
When you made
The decision to
Your well thought out mission
To succeed in life and love.

How could you
Lower your guard
Like that
How could you chop
Your soul full of
Holes to fit
Somebody else’s sh*t in.

I respectfully decline to
stand in this line of fire.

I turn your stomach
When his voice
Rises up and crescendos
Down around your ears

I provide the headaches
That persuade you
Not to partake in
Love making that makes
Neither love nor sense and
Creates a profound
Thankfulness for ortho novum
Or whatever device that will
Prevent life from occurring
And stirring up words like
Forever and daddy, and together
For the baby
I profusely implore
You to put a stop
To this extreme hurt
Your causing
before the
Welfare Baptist Church
Has a new member calling
And singing
Give me my check spirituals
And no means to really love the
Self that is congregated
In misused motivations
It’s serial
Self destruction

I unequivocally request,
At the behest
Of your common sense
That you get your clothes, and your head right and
Get the hell out of there
And back on track

Sincerely, and I’m so not playing
With you


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