Author: Peter Frady

  • Sometimes

    I just want to turn away run off to find A new and more simple day… Where people like me for what I say… And maybe even give me some pay… Now I give material goods away… Just because they get in my way And slow me down along my joyful stay… People I know […]

  • America

    It was written in the past, All men are Created Equal, Yes, This means women too. Given the Rights of Life, Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness. Life? Home safe in a Mother’s Womb, Not at the bottom of a cold glass vacuum. Liberty? Walk safely down any street, No worries of bombs beneath Our […]

  • Death

    I wrote this while sitting in Funeral Parlor at a Wake…

  • Colors of the Flag

    An Observation, Not a Condemned Nation. This from the Eyes of an Army Veteran… Red is the Blood we shed. All men and women Limbs on the Floor. No matter what Color or Race.. White is the Corporate mans’ Financial Gains, Boardroom Games. Filled with the poor Mans’ Pain. Oil prices higher, Soldiers Under Fire… […]

  • Morning Glory

    Hollywood sold me a story When I was a young Boy. A tale of Family, Caring, Love and Sharing. What’s that Morning Sound? As I yawn from My bed? The running of little feet but not of Playful Children so Sweet. It’s the Pitter-patter of furry rats looking for a morning treat, Maybe a bite […]