When I die I know you will
Cry for Me. Cry Tears of Joy
Now that My Soul is Finally Free.
Think of fields of green and sky of blue
And the Love I Shared with You.
While You’re left on Earth
I will Watch Over Thee.
My Spirit is Home where we all
Shall be. Our Real Father Protective
He Is Always Loving of You and Me.
So when You think of Me, Wear
A Smile, Knowing We All have
To walk that Final Mile.
One Day soon, We will meet again
Maybe even Remember Our Days
On Earth and Thoughts of
Wanting to be Free.
Come along and join Me
Home in Heaven with Our
Spirits’ Soul, Flying Free.
Living, Loving All Peaceably.

Peter John Frady


2 responses to “Death”

  1. Nice poem, Peter. What do you think of this one?

    Sugary Prague

    O Sugary Prague wrapped in its gentle snowfall
    Hides love but calls it out as well,
    As the church spires still reach for heaven,
    Finding dark chill, still echoing defenestrations
    and Kafka gloom, but Sugary Prague finally falls,
    And pillows our hardy feet, searching for love
    amongst the cold stones & hot hearts
    & graffiti. O Sugary Prague uneaten, eats loneliness,
    its Cosmic Clock ticking out civilization in the Square, where sugary women split the darkness with bright green eyes
    & find feasts & friends in the medieval town
    far freer than the “world beacon” is; & where contented love looms in this beauty’s future,
    her labors not lost,
    her soul in sugar tossed.

  2. A bit late on the comment however your work is colorful and descriptive… Well done… Prague sounds sweet to meet people…


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