Awkward Encounters


Two lonely lovers on opposite sides of the Atlantic fall into the arms of another. Each wake up the next morning with fear of what the other will think and if they should tell them.

Six months go past and the lovers are finally reunited. They both have completely forgotten about the episodes during there lonely period. They hug and kiss at the train station with such passion and desire that it turns heads. The returned soldier grabs his bags and his wife leads him towards the parking lot. As they exit the station a familiar face catches his eye. Short blonde hair, deep blue eyes and thin red lips. A face also comes familiar to his wife. Brown eyes and dark curly hair. A face directly in front of her.

An awkwardness falls over his wife has she introduces her one time lover. The woman turns to her husband and says. “ This is Jackie, she helped me a lot while you where away.” The husband looks in suspension at the nervousness in his wife’s voice. “ What are you doing here?” the woman asked, now becoming a little twitchy. “ I came to pick up my husband, David.” she said pointing to another soldier approaching them. Short blonde hair and deep blue eyes. The husband gulped and the awkwardness continued.

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