Fabolous – Loso’s way


“Loso’s way”, the latest album from Fabolous, is no disappointment. He delivers his trademark punch-line style flow all over the album. This album like any album from Fab has it’s share of radio friendly joints, at least four, but Fab really shines on tracks you probally couldn’t picture Loso on five years ago. The first on which is “its my time”, a track produced by the runners, sounds like a track more adept for down south kings T.I. or Jeezy . Instead Fab filled in pretty well with a down south style cadence.

“ First I take a timeout
Then I put the time in
Money aint everything
Its more about your timing.”

On the very next track, “Imma Do It”, Fab sounds like old Fab with a little bit of Young Jeezy sprinkle on top. This track was produced by DJ Khalid and is one of the better songs on the ablum. Fab switch pitches on this one. Fliping his style like a kung-fu master back and fouth form old Fab’s one two style to new down south style Fab (The Fab from the “Rockin that shit remix”) and both are pretty dope. He flips back and fourth from southpaw for most the album. On the next track produce by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League he plays with Rick Ross’s back and fourth adlib style.

“Free at Last
(Free at Last)
She used to send me pictures
So I could see that ass”

Loso jumped on two tracks from Ryan Leslie…dope, probably the best sound for Loso. On “Everything, Everyday, Everywhere” ft. Keri Hilston and “The Fabolous Life” Fab does his thang…well. “The Fabolous Life” fab hits the world with the smooth pac flow over a smooth beat and he quotes Rick Ross and Jeezy.

“She fuck wit niggas like Fabolous
Cause to tell the truth baby
Life’s fabulous”

“It’s a fabulous thang
One white one yellow like Fabolous chain”

All and all this is a good CD, especially if you like Fab. Probably a 7 out of 10.

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