The crowd roared for answers.The people, the people finally stood up for something.They finally stopped being stepped on and spit at. This dictatorial of democracy was nothing more than a reign of corruption.They all knew that their politics, their state, city, and town representatives where all BS. Hungry rabid dogs who ate from the hands of bribery and shit the remains on the people.Tax hikes, pay cut’s, job losses, all plagued which was once such a profitable and happy community.
At one time the people of this land held their heads high. They looked upon one another as a friend working towards the same goal. But those days have long deceased and the back handing from the government, the congress, the city, and state has left the once humble streets a war zone.
Families blunder and kill, not for riches or from insanity. But for food and water. The average man now travels to one of the few jobs available no longer with a briefcase and coffee cup, but a prayer and firearm. I have witnessed the changes in our community first hand. A downwards spiral that suppresses us and continues to do so. A man is only limited by his vision, and ours is dimming. The whole world is becoming the dim dark place that I always perceived it was, it is just that now every one else can see it. I guess at one time a world like this will be of the norm. The babies of now will have babies of then that will be raised in unforgiving times.For the next generation that inherits the bull shit of this one.Please, let me be the first to apologize.

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