Jay-Z – American Gangster


“I’ll take a deeeeeeeep breath before I get started” American motherf*ckin Gangsta. Is it just me, or do we as Hip-Hop fans just want Jay-Z to succeed or any other artists with Hip-Hop ties? Think about it!

Let’s get down to business; The American Gangster album is comprised of fifteen tracks. The coldest track is the Intro… Personally shiiiit I would of put that woman on more tracks. Its cool listening to music I’m not going to ride to it with my niggas’. I would feel funny… It’s like playing Keith Sweat with a car full of negros, It just ain’t right. Back to American Gangsta there are at least ten songs worth the money but what else is out there yall? Take a listen to song two “Pray”, with Beyonce doing to voice overs on the chorus. Jay-Z presents a story of the dope game in the 1940’s, and fast-forwards to Jay-Z’s experiences in the 1990’s. Production on The American Gangster album is up to Def Jam standards; listen to song three “American Dreamin’”, it has a cold old school sample, that makes ya wanna sit back, put the song on repeat and sip on some Hennessy. Song eight “I Know” is a good chill song for an upscale bar or lounge. Aight’ enough of that chill sh*t let get on to song ten “ Ignorant Sh*t” Jay-Z tryin to bring back that fire. If you don’t like cursing then F*ck it you need that Sh*t every now and then go head and hit dat’ “ Ignorant Sh*t” track ten.

How many people bought the CD looking at the back to see who had cameos on the album. Was I the only one in America that saw Lil Wayne on a track and said, “I know at least that Lil Wayne song will be off the chain…” How many people did that? It’s that serious yall…? That’s how you know Jigga is not the Jigga he used to be! I want the Reasonable Doubt nigga’ back! “Jay-Z used to have something to say with the music… not behind the music” (back up and read that damn statement again) ya’ll feel me. Am I being to critical? Am I being too hard on another black man making money? I think about all this and say… I’m a Jay-Z fan… I bought the CD just because… Was I disappointed…? Hell yeah!!! Did I waste my money? I’d rather buy American Gangsta than any Nelly album.

I’m lying again yall I rather had borrowed American Gangsta from one of my boys or just wait for XM to play it rather than to buy this album. Can anyone make a CD I can ride to… cause this American Gangsta ain’t it. Take what you can from me yall I’m out this has been a opinion from yours truly “Split Persona”

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