Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III

lil wayne carter iii

Lil Wayne fans have been waiting for the release of Tha Carter III for a long time now. People were flocking to the pickup the album when the store opened…  Lets start this off with some good ole controversy. Lil Wayne caps off Tha Carter III with some CONTROVERSY on track sixteen “Dontgetit”.  “Dontgetit” has a lot of meat, it lasts for nine minutes and fifty two seconds. Lil Wayne rips Al Sharpton a new a**…

Here are a couple of clips below from Dontgetit” about Al Sharpton:

“Mr. Al Sharpton this is why I don’t respect you!!! You’re the type of person that gets off on getting on other people!!!”

“Mr. Sharpton and anyone like you… You don’t know me. So if you are not going to try to… Then what you say or think about me or whatever I do is totally Casper the friendly ghost to me… and it doesn’t make you a good person to criticize before you improvise… it doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person either…”

“You are no Martin Luther King, You are no Jesse Jackson, You are no body to me… you are just another Don King with a perm… You are just a little more political… That just means you are a little more un-human than human….”

Some of ya’ll probably mad but yall will get over it…

On “Dontgetit” Lil Wayne also talks about how he was watching TV and saw this guy talking about how young black guys are targeted. He was saying that one out of every one hundred Americans are in prison, in contrast one out of every nine black guys are in prison. It was said that it would cost less money to send a young person to college than it would cost to send them to prison.

There are a good number of good tracks listed below… But umm I don’t know bout you but “Tha Carter III” just doest give the people that drug addicts itch that “Tha Carter I” or “Tha Carter II” gave to make folks replay songs over and over until they OD.

Here are some decent tracks from the Tha Carter III

  • Mr. Carter
  • Dr. Carter
  • Tie My Hands
  • You ain’t Got nuthin
  • Lollipop
  • Playing with Fi

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