Mario – Go


So the little boy Mario that hit the seen with hits such as “Just a Friend” and “Braid my Hair” is back and my my my has he grown up. Mario came out the gate with “Go”, a song with explicit lyrics that lets you know exactly what he wants from you, nothing more, nothing less. Once you recover from that initial shock he hits you with the sappy, sexy love ballad “Crying Out for Me” that speaks to a girl he’s in love with and the abusive relationship she is in. The beat is symbolic of her heart beating and by the end of the song (and the video for those who have seen it), you are hoping that this girl is smart enough to walk out. I must say one of my ultimate favorites is “Music For Love” because it such a strong song for the bedroom and his sultry voice make you pray that he does indeed “come through your speakers, blow the sound outta your tweeters..” He doesn’t have a lot of featured artists though Rich Boy does make an appearance on “Kryptonite” which is one of the few up-tempo songs on his album. In case you didn’t have enough of Mario’s dirty talk, Rich Boy makes sure that his rap verse takes care of it. I must admit, as much as I hate very explicit lyrics on an R&B album, I kinda liked it. For every hard-hitting song, he has a smoother softer track to follow, especially with “How Do I Breathe”. He does do a lovely job with covering the Keith Sweat hit “Right and Wrong Way” so well that you forget the boy that was probably made to this song is singing it!. He ends his album well with “Let Me Watch” feat Juelz Santana for those that still haven’t quite had enough freaky songs in the album for their taste and “Do Right” which is quite the uplifting song to end with. The whole album is full of compliments and contrasts but definitely worth buying!

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