Marriage then Divorce or Highway Robbery?

left_with_20_dollars_smToday I found this story below while randomly foraging the internet. It’s rare to see a divorce story where the man did nothing wrong (to my knowledge) and loses both financially and emotionally. Did he neglect his wife to start a business if they both agreed it was the right move in the long run? I think he got robbed? let me know what you think!!

[ Story below by Alex ]

My wife and I were married for 20yrs before we divorced. During the last 5 of those 20yrs I had started a business and it boomed. Needless to say, to facilitate the tremendous growth I’d experience I had to work a lot and she felt neglected. At the end, I had to sell my business and gave half to my wife (after Obama took his share), or about $6M. In a year’s span, my children went off to college, lost my wfie, lost the business I’d worked so hard to build and am alone.

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  1. Wow…that’s awful! But I wonder what the issues were in the marriage prior to the business that she felt neglected rather than a part of the team?!

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