Self Protection


I knew better but still went along with it. Trapped in lust, my logic was over come by my member. It stood there arose and not in terms for negotiations, as I was in no position to argue.
It was a long two months since I was in this position. Two legs spread wide apart exposing their glory. This place I’ve been countless times before. A body I knew better than my own had now been compromised. About two months or so from this day me and the one that laid before me had thrown a six year relationship to the wind with the famous ’If it was meant to be, than it will be.’ quote attached. In that time she had linked up with another, experimenting sexually without the use of contraceptives. The relationship faded after a mere two weeks, and with here body sexually tense. She called on a guaranteed orgasm.
She smelled good. The aroma from here vagina filled my lungs, allowing me to exhale a pleasurable sigh. That sigh was also one of caution. I wanted this, I was also horny myself, and I thought this may be the glue to fix this rip between us. I also thought of her contracting something from someone, a worry that was of my first concern ever since she told me of the encounters. Questions where placed upon her long before this curve ball had arisen. I mentioned a STD test and she chuckled saying she was fine. From there on I didn’t stress the matter, I just told myself that if she wanted to rekindle our relationship, than I would see to it that she got tested before anything. This oath meant nothing now. A moan jumped out into the air as my tongue lay upon here clitoris, her moans becoming louder, hands pressed against my head. My conscious yelled at me, but her moans where louder, my penis tightened and the worries where long forgotten. After two consecutive rounds. I clothed myself, freshened up and proceeded to open the front door, as I made my into the November night the worries began to follow.
Standing at the bus stop a psychotic itch took over my groin area. Hugging my genitals. I thought it may just be a frame of mind maybe I was playing tricks on myself thinking to much of the matter. My bus ride began and concluded and the itch still lingered, greatly penetrating along the shaft and ball connect. I got home hopped in the shower and felt for any bumps, there where none but the itch continued. I stood in the shower for a moment, after I was done and turned up the hot water letting it drop along my genitals. I gave off a sigh of relieve, exposing myself more to the scorching hot water. After that I clothed myself and got ready for bed. The itch still bothered me for a couple of days until finally subsiding. I called my ex and told her of what happened again, she blew it off directing the source of the problem towards me as she always has and removing herself from the equation. I got tested and waited. Waiting on my nerves for the results it came back negative. I was fine, but the scare was very real. I found myself thinking of the events and wondering if I would have done it again. Yes, I thought to myself but only for her. That’s when I came to the realization that love really does make you stupid and that no one should stop you from using a condom. All of a sudden those commercials and after school specials came to me and they all made perfect since. If everyone would take the precaution to protect themselves, than at the same time will be protecting each other. Use a latex save a life. Words I truly live by.

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