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  • L’Usurper de l’Amour

    She was prone to moonwrath; She was coming to goldenness; It was an outblown image of potential – Forever was smiling and playing with her hair. Catullus was laughing bitterly, And butterflies opened like hearts, The slaves all walked to the sea, now dark, But she…she was prone to moonwrath, Unleashed upon tides, economies, minds, […]

  • Respecting Oneself Is Far From Narcissism

    I say to no one in general nor directly, I love myself; then a thought occurred, “Am I boasting?” So, I asked another, “Hey, Am I boasting when I proclaimed “I love myself?” He looked at me as to sized me up and ask me, “what you think?” I answered, “that why I asking you. […]


    That old concern as defintive verb. Hasnt lost any luster in any era by an occur. Power politics within pérsonalized compromises. An empty courage in the realistic eyes. A signalized threat as our natural sorceries Most religious are spurn for this nature’s inconvience. Yet some does realized their own vanity under this mortality’s summarized. With […]

  • Untitled (so far.)

    Untitled (so far.) by Geo E. Burks Was that her I was thinking of. Why should not I think of her? She cared for that role, The one in her life I was. But she couldnt had me, And I was contented as that. Not as my pride nor my failure. I loved her as […]

  • Thank You For Letting Us Know We Aren’t Alone Feeling.

    (To Those Of The American Music Association Who Are Always There Thoughout My Life With What I Really Need. Please, Allow This Poise From My Pure Essential Life’s As Being Convey Why I Had Always Appreciating What You Do.) Thank You For Letting Us Know We Aren’t Alone Feeling. Purity By Geo. E. Burks You, […]

  • The Waters Called

    The first ring, And they stand still, Could it be for them? The first ring Brings eyes to them, They want the attention The first ring Brings eyes on them, They recoil at the stares The second ring And they look back Look around The second ring They begin to suspect There is a message […]

  • The Lazarus Phenomenon

    One shave and you’re Back in the world, Two blades rub Against your face In a metallic imitation Of the kiss you miss, Luckily it’s all electric, Your hand trembles too much To hold a naked razor Against your jugular. Now you’re the gardener again, Taking care of yourself, She would be proud, only If […]