I’m thankful for my loving family , friends and great memories of those who are no longer here!

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  1. I’m thankful for websites like freestylevision that let me showcase my poetry, and I’m grateful I wrote this last Sunday:


    this u cannot ancient musician astronaut,
    of life in a newmind contend; but where other
    heads bobbed & souls sang up in someone’s
    unlikely photodust of a century;
    candy for historians,
    wristology of curators & doctors allover
    the magic artopolis/

    this u say of a realm
    mighty colors and a balm –
    character windways transitions
    astrolicity cusp-ish brazen change
    needing a tart eye negative to realm-ish
    deal with the avalanche of gluttonous souls
    wandering waste-lust mad & I give a spectral eye
    to artificially painted skies & hum “wellll” again, I,
    in this blanched seafood waste of space doing the sales walk

    what can a monster tell you,
    all shit-evolved where mastery robotic
    had swelled & coalesced & faded all in one
    afternoon’s tricky dissolve
    specs are too peered, peeled away
    if you never had a real thought –
    caress of weeping streams
    & you said blur of sounds as yr soul creeps,
    stops, hides, roars/

    what can a monster tell you when it’s you
    & what of the nearest skies & cities lost
    here’s another day for your soul, soul for
    your day. So i request a new machine, new words,
    new means, new skies, here today as the full moon sky roared
    & threw planes off course & mizzened its clouds like
    unkempt mansions & where did pleasant discourse set itself afire?
    O the lover who caved in jelly of my brain & eyes, hard-rolled under same
    godcloak daywind newsbomb Sunday
    but I don’t.

    so ever again do,
    molt of the eyeward pigeon’s
    coat of smell these ponds hold.
    golden canteen I hold & ponder & envy,
    whatever you can sell & assail to get-get
    to flow on.

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