My pants once sagged below my waste catered by a belt and firearm. I once thought that life ended at twenty one. I once believed in easy money. I once believed that guerillas only win. But what I have come to realize like many other young people will once their thoughts become ripened. Once they realize what is bullshit, and once they are able to separate it from what really matters. They will realize that everything is bullshit. A piece of mind is something that cannot be brought. It cannot be borrowed, or stolen.

To be able to shed yourself. To come from behind the toys you once used to define you. The clothes you wore and the slang you used. Many people never grow. They never mature and stay trapped in an  unflattering place. We all have seen the old nigger on the corner. The forty year old, dressed like a eighteen year old, with mind of a sixteen year old. The word Nigga is either the introduction or conclusion to all his sentences, and profanities fill in the gaps. He is the man we all laugh at. The man that when we are young we vow to not become and we are older we pity. He is the man that will die and nobody will notice because another will take his place. Ignorance is his captive. The lack of wanting more and the enthusiasm to pursue it is his handicap. He is the fail of evolution.

To evolve is to grow. To evolve is to take the things you experience, the things you witness and apply them to your person. Maturity comes with righteous thinking. You must attack a situation, a problem, or just everyday life with intelligence. Aggression will get you nothing more than sore fist and an aching brow. This is no longer a country of stone throwing cave men or slug shooting cowboys. We have evolved. Only the animals still show their teeth and fight with their fist. We are an age of lawyers and lawsuits. We have armed ourselves with camcorders and camera phones to capture our assailants and subject them to capital punishment. The people still take the law into their hands at times. They still find themselves wrestling in the wild now and again. But when the dust settles and the smoke clears, they take that experience and they evolve from it.

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