Welcome to the final hours of the apocalypse. It is time to see what really matters when time is truly of the essence. When twenty-four hours fades into twelve hours and that handful of places that you once had to be all mesh into one.
Will where you go?. Will you spend your final hours with a group of friends and family, will you spend them alone, or will you spend them with that one person who means more to you than the world itself?
Will you trap yourself in a moment of fear as the last minutes tick into seconds, or will nothing else matter but that moment and the rest of the world can go F itself like it’s already doing. In a moment your life can change as the old saying goes and this happens to people everyday, whether for good or bad, whether a huge tragedy or a mere inconvenience, whether a moment of happiness or a lifetime of pleasure our life’s can change within seconds. And if it so happens to change today, and the world truly does become a place of its former self. I wish to all that survive to refrain from being as ugly as the world maybe. I hope that you think back to your moments before the end and that they were wonderful.

I hope that boy had finally shed is fears and declared his love for the girl next door. I hope that man stuck between two loves, his job and his family made the right decision. I hope that married couple who had been together forever got to lay in bed and hold each other one last time. And I hope that you, you reading this have found your happiness. If the world does not end today than I hope that this has scarred enough fear out of you to live life. Tell that girl that you love her, drop the job that does not matter and pursue your dreams, open your eyes to new experiences and indulge them before its too late. Time is not guaranteed, and I would hate to see you place things for a later date that may never come. So live for today, and not an unpromised tomorrow.

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