Tiger Speaks + A Side Piece Reacts

So by now we have all seen/read or heard people talking about Tiger’s apology. At first I wasnt even going to tune in, but I did. But I’m just wondering why in the hell he needed to apologize to US? Us being the public. His infidelity didnt harm us, it harmed his wife and family. The only apology that needs to be said is directed towards his wife. Why do we even care? Well..because the media bombarded us with this story ever since it broke. I ran across an article that said “On the 84th day Tiger finally spoke,” seriously? We were counting the days?!? It’s really not that serious people.

Im assuming his PR reps may have pushed him to deliver a public apology, but I really dont think it was necessary. True, he messed up. Infidelity is NEVER a good thing….but the issues that arise from his “transgressions” should have been kept between him and his wife. What is he apologizing to us for??? I wish him the best and there is no doubt in my mind that Tiger will be just fine. And as we all know Tiger is NOT the first athlete/public figure to cheat. He did what he did…what’s done is done! There is no need for the media to still shine a bright ass light on him and his life. We dont need body language experts to analyze him, we dont need all that. Let the man move on!

One person that needs to move on is Veronica Siwik-Daniels, the porn star aka Joslyn James, that Tiger had an affair with. She CLAIMS she was preggers twice by Tiger..but boo boo how can we prove that now?? Anway, I was watching Tiger on FOX and right after he was done speaking, they switched to Veronica and her attorney, Gloria Allred, who reacted to Tiger’s apology. I couldnt help but laugh my ass off at this woman. Why? Well for one Veronica feels that she deserves a face to face apology from Tiger….not gonna happen. Two, she is broken-hearted because Tiger lied to her about being the only one (aside from his wife), she quit her job as a porn star (she claims Tiger didnt want her to have sex with other men, on film or otherwise), she went into hiding and had no income. She feels as though she doesnt deserve all this…all this meaning…the hurt and pain that Tiger caused. Ummm Im sorry but I dont feel sorry for her. For one….you’re a porn star….Im sure you wont have any problem receiving income quickly…you’re a PORN STAR…you can get more work. She made it seem like she quit a Fortune 500 company….*rolls eyes*….You were/are an adult entertainer! And why the hell does Tiger owe you an apology? These groupies kill me! You voluntarily became a sideline ho, you knew EXACTLY what you were getting into. That man does NOT owe you an apology. You WILLINGLY put yourself in the position that you’re in. Girl stop!

Yeah yeah Tiger spoke out….and Veronica needs to have a seat!

But the real question: Where’s Tiger’s golf clubs? Get back in the game!

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