Non Prescription Color Contact Lenses, or Beautiful Eyes for Everyone

Tonight, after supper, the dome of the sky will open in sections Watch the photons swarm the entryways the exitways All the unborn infants have shopping lists There’s an inflammation of naked mole rats in the turnstile A man at a booth on the sidewalk wants to sell a pair of scissors to snip at […]

I love handfuls

anything with a shape breaks, my empty shelter collapses, my inefficient transport, its gliterry paint chips. From underneath my chin I look indifferently upon the crumbling angles of yourself appall at that indifference–detectable only with a mirror. In and out of geometries we inhabit, we traverse our luster smears, but the kindle and hum is […]

The Village Pet Shop & Charcoal Grill

for Banksy stop the dolphin on the sidewalk blue five feet coin slot saddle and red fishnet the leopard lost his coat tail swinging red satin lining five thousand gold buttons bone not included the chameleon wears Louis Vuitton and Krylon splashes the bonobo clutches the remote watching the discovery channel monkeys’ procreating pushing buttons—rewind […]