Author: Lia Yaranon Hall

  • cremating a demon

    if you sit still enough the rwandan military maracas and djembes in hand will shake you out the conga tree entrain your thumping beat an executive order with six thousand rebel forces ravishing women strategic sheets of boom and clang embody their arms inhabiting a melody in the hollow emerging from cobalt that will take […]

  • Collaboration Haiku w/ My Japanese Roommate

    Su n da y night the bloo d y Sa murai and b ee t sou p .

  • Ether

    Sunday I spent in the observance of silence Recognizing how space manifests in absence I subtracted many words and movement from a daily arrangement – a rest What can take place in an expanse is boundless What I can feel on a Brooklyn rooftop lacking moonlight is the shock of oxygen after life in a […]

  • Salute to Burning

    When sirens part the gasoline trees Salute to burning Be selfish with your breath & thirst For pigeon-like companionship Observing silent the secret weapons holstered by our nametag-disease. Hello motherhood & detention. How are you crystal man & married eyes? Your igloo box and plastic spork bags will be lonely someday no volunteer to rescue […]

  • An Arsonist’s Remorse

    I know what breaks a Greek plate And the intent of a ceramic artist The uncertainty of a kiln And variables of responsibility Within accidents going places To happen and the ones we preserve In jars for an occasion to spill And break and slip like the coaxing sparkle Of a drying marble floor Masters […]

  • Piñata rain

    Listeners shift attention to this smell: Exploded tires are rubber siding for a shelter plastic bags build bonfires Down the block “smoke signals,” Cry emaciated dogs for scraps limping Competition cocks fight a frustrated crow Servants “live-in” an outside kitchen; cooks for household Flips flop on a painted concrete floor Sniffing fake flowers Makes us […]

  • Fresh from school

    On a day when the wallpaper shone preferable tones of uniform blue green and the hottest white I was walking Even though the natives of this town might agree that this alone should inject a fluid sense of serenity within me time was rupturing and the most outstanding feeling was not unlike when you are […]

  • Exodus Genesis Exodus

    Swallows ascend in plumes of smoke their plumage grips smut for no oil permits its resistance they permeate nonesuch from forth their suits no sweat mere silt-colored sweaters on the antennae when they meet They make the sign of a t then flee in the form of a flying v the Tenant inside underneath watches […]

  • Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

    Today I imagine myself at peace. Find a f*ck-buddy tonight. Update your credit. Outbid: notice. Re: Flickr acct. Planning for retirement? Take a holistic approach. Be a class act. Become a teacher. Sneaker research: survey. Om I mean OMG someone has a crush on you! You’ve been pre-approved! Win a trip to Las Vegas strip. […]

  • So Much, Gray

    This is a hilltop story dedicated to you. One height of myopic vision While laying supine, you see So much blue clearly To be had. Drink it up. Lay One on me. Tell me something Any order of words sounding Any vision imagined sublime Like skyscrapers submerged Any version of titanium sheaths asunder on thirty-fourth […]