Author: Lia Yaranon Hall

  • Pin a Tale on a Bobby

    They demand it be simple like the possible backstory For the bobby pin on the floor and those benched around Laboring relatively on the beat. Rich with tentative accounts, The suggestions will simply be decorative. A patterned housing A leg encased in netting, the wig from which it fell. The night All shades and hue, […]

  • On the crosswalk

    Between the painted lines, fast food scraps And headlines break down in the sidewalk cracks like grout of front-page, Arts and Culture, abbreviated World stacks Stunting sprouting dandelions. A song interrupts as a jingling advert: ”What’s It All About” from that album by the Grouch Plastic and Paper Product Restaurant and Catering Supplies All flies […]

  • How to avoid the peace obstacle

    I am more animal now than ever. You are more vegetable. Less human, more numeral breakdown A cobalt dissolution Purify my drinking water With a sign of the cross My heart pours in copper over the sink So as not to drip a dipstick needle in your distilled horseradish Peppering bloods. One day I won’t […]

  • Drawing Attention to the Human Familiar

    I focus on moments of unconscious behavior All races presume their given places in the Basic emotional truth of ugliness the finest Moments look awful like life with children All brothers and sisters looking level I level the lens preserving lies about earth Bearing codes of ourselves taking snapshots Of deniable circumstance I use my […]

  • Definitive Moments Corp

    It’s a few minutes from a quarter to five and You’re wondering how you got here in the first place. You try to remember last Wednesday and The Wednesday before the day you were thinking, ‘Next Wednesday, I will think to remember to think of next Wednesday.’ It’s a quarter ‘til five and You’re wondering […]