Black-ish Episode 1

I skeptically watched the premiere of “Black-ish” last night. I was initially and still perplexed by the name of the show however setting aside my preconceived notion I actually enjoyed the show.

The character “Andre” played by Anthony Anderson was hilarious. My favorite part of the first episode was when Andre got a promotion to Senior Vice President of Urban Development and showed up to the board meeting in a grey sweatshirt and presented several inappropriate clips of black stereotypes out of spite.

I’m looking forward to the next episode…

I’m looking forward to the second episode.

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iPhone 6 – Webcast

I am waiting patiently – Are you?


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He Went To Jared

I was in a hurry the moment I met her in more ways then one. I even filled my car up with a full tank of kerosene at the gas station by mistake rushing to spend another day with who I thought was to be the love of my life. Violet Starr was the most beautiful troubled woman I had ever wanted to be with and I went to great lengths showing her how deeply I needed to be loved by her. This was no ordinary love, but in the end all of my infatuation and obsession to rescue this damsel in distress was really the spring point of reinventing me to be a better man in my future relationships.
My love or what I thought was true love for this thin 26 year old blue-eyed blonde had me in a whirlwind of chaos and complete desperateness to receive her kiss. It was never about getting laid for me because for two years this 35 year old lost puppy of a man followed her around without ever mentioning having sex with her. I was ready to begin a change in my life and when her 10 month old baby daughter called me daddy for the first time, my heart just melted and the first signs of becoming too happy began to show to family and friends around me at the time.
The first time I met Violet was when a buddy of mine made a call to score us some speed. She jumped into the back seat of my borrowed Grand Voyager to party with us and immediately our eyes locked together in the rear-view mirror as I drove and listened to her soul. It wasn’t long after until we would spend every moment together getting high and talking about quitting meth. We shared something in common when it came to freeing our spirits from this horrible drug. I was the only drug addict friend that was allowed to spend time over at her parent’s home where she lived on Grey Cloud Island in Cottage Grove, Minnesota and I was allowed a few sleepovers as long as we were in separate rooms. This really was Violet’s choice since her heart belonged to little Anne’s biological father who had beaten Violet severely months prior to me meeting her. He had left her for dead in a ditch on the side of a dirt road, yet she always continued to be drawn to him on and off throughout our duration. I wish I could say relationship, but no matter how much she appeared to have some love for me, it was always somewhat clear to me that I would only be the nice guy that finishes last. The in-between guy her parent’s wanted her to be with and maybe marry someday.
Her parents approved of me over the other riffraff that would sneak around to Violet’s back door maybe because after twenty years of working in the security field and mowing their lawn now and then, I showed them the same respect as I did to the public I worked for to make a decent living. Over time, I’ve learned that you really can’t have it both ways if you want your love to be true. It wasn’t until a social service worker took Violet’s sweet baby away that we needed to make a serious change in our lives to get Anne back and we did. Violet ended up in a Teen Challenge program for addicts and I went back to my life clean and sober thinking I would never heard from her again. That happiness I had being with her never faded even to this day, but I knew I had to stay focused on something good like staying on the straight and narrow. I kept the fate that we’d be together again someday without drugs and the cesspool of drug addict people we used to hang out with.
I was going on six months drug-free when the phone rang on New Year’s Eve, 2005. Violet drove over with an old beat-up car leaking gas with Anne and her first child, Tommy, a ten year old boy that took a liking to me she had with her high school sweetheart that had died from having a small heart. Doctor’s cancelled this young man’s heart transplant when they discovered marijuana in his system. I think that was when Violet’s life really began to take a turn for the worse and it wasn’t my place to fix it, but I tried anyways by being her best friend again, but sober this time. I even gave her my fairly new car my parents helped me buy since I was still being enabled at my age. Then my grandmother who loved Violet and her kids very much gave me her vehicle the Grand Voyager when she learned what I did for Violet. This caused a huge riff within my family which didn’t seem to bother me at all because I was extremely happier than ever having Violet back to some degree.
When I awoke the next morning on New Year’s Day after spending the evening at Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America with Violet and the kids, I knew something was different with me. Besides having the most vivid amazing dream in my life that lead me to posting pictures from magazines and cutting out positive power words within them including hanging up songs and poetry I wrote there was an ineffable energy flowing through me beyond any drug I had ever taken. Violet thought I was getting high again and so did the police when my mother had called them. Three weeks into that eccentric January of my life, I was told by doctors that I was too happy. The so-called medical term was bipolar disorder and they told me I would crash so I was given by force dangerous medications which drove me completely insane. I was in and out of psychiatric care for the following year fighting the system and losing touch with everyone around me including the woman of my dreams. My happiest day in my life was no longer meeting Violet; it was winning one of three court cases against my well-being and the fraud of psychiatry. To this day, I blame no one for what happened to me including myself. Things happen for a reason and there are people we meet along the way.
It took me some time to calm down enough without force meds to reconnect with Violet. Time had passed and she put on a lot of weight which didn’t bother me at all. I had been heavy most of my own life so I accepted and loved her unconditionally. I knew I wanted to be with her and grow old together raising her children. After my extraordinary experience and ordeal, my credit score was starting to get affected from defaulting on credit cards mainly from being locked up in a psych ward for three months without working or paying bills. The only card that I hadn’t been using to live off of through this madness and still had seven grand on it was the galleria of jewelry – my Jared credit line.
I picked out the biggest diamond ring nearly maxing out my Jared card and raced over to Violet’s new apartment the social service worker helped her get. I was very excited with what I was about to do, but I remained calm and waited until after we had dinner. Violet was washing the dishes and I was coloring with little Anne on the floor in the living room when I decided to go for it. I gave Anne the jewelry box with the ring in it and told her to give this to mommy. A few moments passed in dead silence. I got up and went to the kitchen getting down on one knee. Before I could even ask if Violet would marry me, she informed me of her pregnancy with Anne’s father and would have another girl.
After hours of tears and a sleepless night, I went back to the Jared Jewelry store the next day to return the item purchased. They were very nice to me and even mailed me a sympathy card later that week. If it wasn’t for my experience with Violet Starr years ago, I would have never paid $300 to get my gas tank drained of kerosene fuel oil. This may be a certain level of love most people would regret, but not for me. It’s just the beginning for more love to spring spontaneously from within.

2012 – Actor Rich Love Coming Soon! (VOICE)

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Sometimes the right song plays at the right moment with the right feeling taking over you. I am emotionally attached to music as I think we all are. For it is only a song that can express your emotions as no other art form can. It is only a song that people refer to as being exactly how they feel. And when the right song plays at the right moment it can be life changing.

Two hearts can fall in love, a soul that is lost can be found, strength, happiness, forgiveness, sadness, sex, and remorse can all be found in a song.  A thought or expression can be broadcasted to millions with the power of music. A companion for life’s everyday victories and defeats. Music is a melody full of memories with a harmonizing ability to help forget the bad notes.

A song can spark a nation, bring awareness, or simply mend a broken heart. Music truly has no limits no matter what genre, what format, what language or what level of listeners it has. It only takes one set of ears to be affected by one song. It only takes one artist making a connection with one listener for music to matter. Music is the beat of life. Everything has a sound, everything makes noise, everything makes music.

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Welcome to the final hours of the apocalypse. It is time to see what really matters when time is truly of the essence. When twenty-four hours fades into twelve hours and that handful of places that you once had to be all mesh into one.
Will where you go?. Will you spend your final hours with a group of friends and family, will you spend them alone, or will you spend them with that one person who means more to you than the world itself?
Will you trap yourself in a moment of fear as the last minutes tick into seconds, or will nothing else matter but that moment and the rest of the world can go F itself like it’s already doing. In a moment your life can change as the old saying goes and this happens to people everyday, whether for good or bad, whether a huge tragedy or a mere inconvenience, whether a moment of happiness or a lifetime of pleasure our life’s can change within seconds. And if it so happens to change today, and the world truly does become a place of its former self. I wish to all that survive to refrain from being as ugly as the world maybe. I hope that you think back to your moments before the end and that they were wonderful.

I hope that boy had finally shed is fears and declared his love for the girl next door. I hope that man stuck between two loves, his job and his family made the right decision. I hope that married couple who had been together forever got to lay in bed and hold each other one last time. And I hope that you, you reading this have found your happiness. If the world does not end today than I hope that this has scarred enough fear out of you to live life. Tell that girl that you love her, drop the job that does not matter and pursue your dreams, open your eyes to new experiences and indulge them before its too late. Time is not guaranteed, and I would hate to see you place things for a later date that may never come. So live for today, and not an unpromised tomorrow.

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Harold Crumb Trailer from Christopher Jopp on Vimeo.

“Sometimes it takes a mid-life crisis to the point of losing yourself to find yourself.”
– Rich Love

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Graffiti or Art?

Last weekend I decided to take a little trip to Los Angeles and shoot some street photography. I was captivated  by the bright colors and edgy design.

Is this Graffiti or Art?


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