I never thought I’d fall in love with a girl like you
Blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile made just for me
I never saw it coming, but that’s usually how it goes
True love can’t really be found, it finds you when you’re ready to see

I never imagined that God had a plan for the two of us
He sung His song and created our heaven in the universe
I never seemed too proud when our eyes made first contact
And our hearts shared warmth written in His divine holy verse

Sometimes I wonder why
His love as kept us apart
Then you remind me why
It was all for the world

Repeat first verse and replace “girl” with “woman.”

This is a song about your Modern Day Adam & Eve…read “HE WENT TO JARED” for the true story behind Avatar Meher Baba’s first children that started us all. God Bless! We’re Back!


When the stars first leave the sky blank and dark
Consciousness hopes to find a home
resting for a moment while we await an answer

The event shocks the soul, forcing a collective recognition of a star’s impact
Time is crippled and slow to move forward

Without restraint, we collect ourselves
only to lash out again against the emptiness
An ache without mercy
sadness and recollection our companions
lending unbearable weight to the stars that remain

To lean against the light of other stars is to survive
until an unforeseeable result captivates us,
Ripples of a star’s life touching our own
and those in their youth assume the strength of that lost star

Stars are destined to burn out,
however thoughtful and loving, they choose to remain with us
memories of themselves strewn across similar memories,
beyond description, like something magical

Who should say where they go?

So calm to linger in front of our eyes at night forever
never obstructed by things down here, bound by nothing above
we often take them for granted knowing they’ve always been here
comforting us during the loneliness of such days

Don’t curse the sun for separating us from night and the beauty of a brilliant star
Instead, return your eyes to its place in the sky reminded of a simple truth-

Though burned out, how brilliant
Though empty, how full
Overwhelmed by a love for such light
you’ll scarcely know its scope,
and forever imagine its reach
All that has been touched by a star disguised as a brilliant life,
We know where it is…

In the heavens where stars belong…

Convection Scan for John Ashbery

The red taillights, car & all disappear
by themselves down the long avenue.

Most things take the same amount of time.
The idea behind thought is to make things faster.

No flipping or arranging trays of meaning suffices.
You must try to get it over & over.

An isolated cluster of nation building satisfies some.
There are flashing lights beyond the fence that hold place.

Therefore worthy presentations eclipse reservations,
close all dissent with a warm blanket of contradictions.

Preparing the results goes on for awhile.
Half the caring is drained in rhetoric.

Is that not right? Is there a difference?
It makes for variety. The big family is overcooked.

Thank you for deducing. The flattening
level tipping point arrives.

We are trance-like in song.
And, what you choose, what comes up, continues.

Choices for Rae Armantrout

Vaseline eases some
things along,

even those that
need further resistance.

If we leave all
options on the table

can it hold the “weight?”

What transpires is
action animated

by a lack of seeing where
we could be, i.e.,

r.p.g. & thee,

Relations age some
explode ask

the Afghans you
never know

what is going on
inside sign

some papers

it plays to last
or outlast

the fragile denouement
on the table.

Your hands are
never still.

Quietly Fall

Pale petals fall
on this autumn day,
curl oblong & blank,
stare at the sky
like feline Asian eyes.

Trails of mist
spray over the soil,
vacant tendrils reach
for the light.

Gradually, the sun coats
the fence with pastel
shadows. Fits of
breeze strike
chairs turned to dusk.

In calamity we find our limits.
Each day we try to wash the same spots.
Over there where the leaves fall
the tree grieves in the quiet.

After the windows are closed,
the heavy trowel put away,
the deer again dodge incoming.
The bus stop & the streetlights enjoy the fog.

Laguna Soulfire Coronations

Here’s a handful of
Fire-echo starheart diadems –
For ghost-framed, leaping Leviathans!
Photonic Ophelia ossifying, sleeping,
Guards my watchwell sweetly –
But what kind of echo has this fire?
When my starheart bursts with such vertiginous
The self-framed soul sires this flame, leaping
From untenable windows
Into the unutterable boiler rooms of Time.

The gross yardstick of time, though,
Cannot touch it.
Neither manufactured catastrophes heed
The ripples racing outward from these lands
Like harbor swells.
Where beggar laughs
And tyrant drowns,
TV dies,
And music abounds.

The darkness of the sea
Spoils your whitewashed misery –
Too much in the devil’s pay,
Both sides in black, on the take
Inside the Age of Chaos, cracked.
Swimming in the dry tide of light,
Lost in ancient coves, lovers seeing with
Ocean eyes.
Wind will…surprise.
“I think we get better,” said the sweet
lover, motoring away from The City,
In her happy lover’s ear:
He’s as tall as the horizon –
The sea’s as cold as kicking junk,
With her arms like memories
In the wavy dunes, barren and soft.

We all love
And lose love
And cry for love –
Celebratory love!
Revelatory love!
As candor squeals in mayhem’s arms,
And the aging starlet laughs, unharmed,
Ripe aura flowering, dispensing,
Oraculating light languages,
In the veritable window of the sky
That guards the crawled-over earth,
ruined by blindness.

The catatonic miser rises, blank,
Her heart dead – to face the
Darkened day again
Just like the moon
And all the fish in their ponds
Or how strange tongues speaking
turn the radiant wheel.
Time, the great editor knows
The graceless snows
Of tired Purgatory
And the violet fire that grows
Like a child
In the waiting sun.

Madrigals, laurels –
First ones that claim my heart
Where the blond girls laugh
And the bays all shine
And blue-eyed angels remedy
The ailing earth
And feckless species howling;
Venetian funeral barge
Carries this memory’s lass away
Afar to Barbarian lands,
Or to Heavens superlatively fair.

Fountain of kundalini fire
implants strange desire –
Travels the Golden State,
Stakes a formidable spire
Where Laguna priestesses consecrate
Divine love in multitudinous ways;
Variegated as terns in these coves
Who sup the endless tide that roves,
Engorged by expedited love.

And behind the bloody snake wall,
On the tantric bed,
We aim our energy into the heart
Of the black-beast dread
And make magic reign,
Plucking the blood-eye out of the reptile,
To transmute the lingering poison cabal
Which strikes back with daggers ripping the sky.
Enemy gods, you have no quarter here!
Here by the magic sea there is no fear.
Where pelicans pierce the mellow tide, free
And the sun and sea tantalize us,
Hypnotize us, eternally!
Here, in the light will we forever abide
In the fruited promenade, spoked
With sacred-flame jubilee,
Smoked in Sun-Ra pedigree
Where the coronal visage smiles and disagrees
With the vicious pallor of false
Love & belief.