Convection Scan for John Ashbery

The red taillights, car & all disappear
by themselves down the long avenue.

Most things take the same amount of time.
The idea behind thought is to make things faster.

No flipping or arranging trays of meaning suffices.
You must try to get it over & over.

An isolated cluster of nation building satisfies some.
There are flashing lights beyond the fence that hold place.

Therefore worthy presentations eclipse reservations,
close all dissent with a warm blanket of contradictions.

Preparing the results goes on for awhile.
Half the caring is drained in rhetoric.

Is that not right? Is there a difference?
It makes for variety. The big family is overcooked.

Thank you for deducing. The flattening
level tipping point arrives.

We are trance-like in song.
And, what you choose, what comes up, continues.

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