A Hundred Unbelievable Makes

Denver, October 9. Noted UFO hunter Ronald Baker claims, “there are now many aliens from other worlds living among us who can assume human form and remain undetected to all but a rare few with experience in these things.” Mr. Baker does not claim to know any personally.

as thief

Rethought how about stealing years ago less abrasion
Less scuffling and squirming places have changed
In short it means a new year
Yet you couldn’t understand this
Thousands of miles against others them
They came out on top in all areas
And you they got you
Now you are hugging this place like a bear

a superior speaks

We tested for a hundred unbelievable makes
And we’re happy to report much since then
A long time this place
Was properly a good education

as native

The problem has been that it was
Ever since they were introduced
They wear out shoes and have been the hottest
Thing going keeping you awake nights glowing
You turn over look at this place
For months could they get along
Would they have you come back in the dark ages
To sit with monks and seedy nobles
Underneath these people are firm and tough

as citizen

Today some of the world have modern factories
In the machines I can see them
I’ve got three kids from a blonde
Again the bandit turns up
A loser why

Trained men working
With you it costs a fortune
Comfortable home heavenly glare
Today will glimmer

A few years from now worrying
Up doctors’ bills is useless

That some of them don’t wear
As well in some places is evident

We were asked to care for our own world
But I have learned to know them

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