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  • Pet lovers and Emotional intelligence

    Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the ability to recognize, understand, and manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. Pet ownership, particularly dog and cat ownership, has been shown to have a positive correlation with EI. One way in which pet ownership may enhance EI is through the responsibility of caring for another living […]

  • New Life

    Oh! you got a new life? A new wife? A new goal A new soul? Those paths weren’t paved in gold? You don’t say? That’s the shame. We take what we give til they ain’t shit, Then we move in silence plotting the escape any excuse. its life.. Hurry we ain’t got time to waste. […]

  • Decoy

    There is tender summary to report In our coming closing. All our products will sink To all your devices After a synchronized fashion Telling us how well you are To fit into our game plan For crashing developments. Refreshments follow the plying opportunity. Any adjustments to be made continue. He didn’t know how to tell […]

  • Night

    And the dark is full.  One green, gold Streetlight.  The dog somewhere outside across the street Gives a conversational bark satisfied he is outside home. Insects commiserate with each other over tales We will never know.  A couple of voices Pass by in quiet repose.   Cars languidly slide by receding Into the impermanence of […]


    The days grow long I stand beside the Rock We all know this song You can lay down your tomahawk No war, no war, no war Give me peace I’ve said what I’ve said Like a shepherd that’s been lead The choice is always yours I’m here to raise the dead No war, no war, […]

  • I Aim To Be The Phoenix

    I aim to be the Phoenix who rises from the red, burnt ash and blacken stones that are the damages and challenges of my life that I let defeat me I aim to be the Phoenix who rises above my negative inner self and negative outer voices that I let drag and beat me down […]

  • RIP Stuart Scott

    July 19, 1965 – January 4, 2015

  • Anna and Chocolate

    With impish twinkle in her eyes her hands lusciously lift the lid The tantalizing aroma whiffs up and she sighs with anticipatory pleasure Her cheshire smile deepens Thumb and index itch to delve into the box of chocolate delight Choice made she lifts it to her waiting lips Opens Places the tempting morsel on her […]

  • Shooting Star

    Slowly Softly In one breath Slipping into silence The end The beginning of a new wondrous journey He rises up leaving behind what is corporeal Joins the Light Becomes one with the Light and soars straight to the heavens Take comfort and look up See him there shooting amongst the stars And remember Love His […]

  • To My Walter

    My heart My love My friend Always You and I have walked many long and rock filled roads filled with unforeseen trenches one after another our bond greatly tested and stretched did not break I will love you Always Forever… 14 June 2014 © copyright catherine anne hayes