A letter to my 1st love

I still think of you night and day,
thoughts just aren’t as pleasant.
I thank you for the book,
but I haven’t touched your preasant.
I heard some things so painfully necessary,
got the monkey off my back too much weight for me to carry.
I used to think you’d always be mine,
I’m beginning to think you never were.
So much time shared together, in the end it’s just a blur.
I reminisce, we were once so close,
If love were a drug we may have overdose.
My how things have changed, with only fate to blame,
I wish we could go back, but it would never be the same.
I truly hope your happy, I’m not sure that you are,
Just keep learn’n and churn’n, you’ve made it this far.
First we were lovers, in the end just friends,
mistakes were made, so lets make amends.
Through my ears come my fears, its you without me,
your moan’n not alone’n could this really be?
I can’t be mad for I have cheated,
before I knew Love, and how much I needed.
I’ve killed my ego and cultivated my meekness,
once I let you go, they’ll be no more weakness.

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