A Love Story

Trouble, mounted,
waters running shy.
Win, mirrored as poltergeist of place that’s long been forgotten in
futures that have left a place
for us

Sticks and blood, we and heat,
as friction, rubbing incessantly,
in to,

Fire, smoke
broken, wars.
Dual placements evaporate as pressure,
– heat –
takes us, as well.

Mounted, clouds, fidget – action –
for loud, boisterous.
Dreaming of falling, incessantly.
Brings rain
to gravity

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  1. kevin j.,
    this is even better. minimalist magic. may i suggest for future reading these language poets: bob perelman, ron silliman, michael palmer, and rae armantrout. they have cleansed my writing palette a great deal. keep up the excellent work. will

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