A New Way

The quieter the outside world is the
Louder your inner thoughts can become
Then you have to face the root of all your problems


So we avoid it
By keeping busy
Filling calendars with plans

All while ignoring our inner needs
With hopes they will be fulfilled externally
By that new car, phone, house, relationship

This will only satisfy your ego temporarily
And over time…
Will lead you to pain in some form or another

Twice in my life I made extensive wish list of all my material wants
And both times I succeeded in getting every item off that list
However all that I was left with was a feeling of disappointment and more stuff

Looking back I felt the most alive when I had no-thing at all
Cause I had a feeling of true accomplishment and a healthy dose of pride

Accomplishment is not receiving things or completing things
Accomplishment is knowing that what you are doing is right

Consumerism has not worked for me
So now it is time for a new approach

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