Amazing Sojourn

(A Slice of Life Shorts)

A Slice:
I hear that steam train
Coming down the rails
Its not the noise that’s moving
The mighty machine
Its not even the man inside
The monster.

A Slice:
Eating inside pocket size diners
Operating in coffee shop housing
Spending more in restaurants routinely
Then going home to the kitchen counter.

A Slice:
Time will tell
When there’s nothing left to see
And some will have hell
When other’s problems set them free

Mountains have been climbed
One rock at a time
You can’t always see the top
But the bottom is always clear

I move along
And sometimes it seems
I crawl.

A Slice:
I don’t belong here
Can’t you see by now
I’ve come a long way
And I’m staying right here

Be here now
Be right here
No way else to be
No where else to be
But here with YOU.

A Slice:
Everyone must come to an end
Pressure builds, the body declines again
Streams of light flow in a place of love
True love can overcome any obstacles
Pledging our lives and our hearts to one another
True everlasting friendship impacts our life.

Copyright Rich Love © 2008

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