An Irish Pub

Tucked away on many urban corners
An array of patrons ranging from newlyweds to mourners

Where draft beer flows with refreshing ales
From the darkest lagers to the blondest pales

You just popped in to quench your thirst
But your self composure must have been cursed

For there you remained until the very last call
Swigging brews and having a ball

The behavior you displayed was mighty troubling
You certainly would have mortified the mayor of Dublin

Even the Leprechaun had to shield his eyes
And the four leaf clover wilted with shock and surprise

As you ordered up a shot of whiskey from the tired barkeep
The statue of St. James actually began to weep

And poor Mr. Murphy, the one who wrote the famous law
Was simply aghast at what he saw

The next morning dawned with a hangover so savage
You should have stayed home and ate corned beef and cabbage

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