And so it is

The lord is generous, and so I give
My God loves life, and so I let the spiders live
The lord works in mysterious ways, and so I remain a mystery
I know that success leaves clues, and so I study history
Heavenly Father I thank you for all the great teachers before me
In the end may this pen make’em love and adore me
God has inspired, and so I’m armed with sacred texts
The Tao teaches us to let go, and so I’m open to what comes next
The Gita taught us Yoga, and so the Self was realized
Jesus lay down his life for us, and so I got baptized
The truth never untruth, and so I’m not about to lie
The father discipline’s the child he loves, and so I’m not about to cry
The Buddha had a sense of humor, and so I smile and laugh
The lord is my Shepard, my rod and my staff
God desires mercy, and so I show compassion
Moderation creates abundance, and so I do my best to ration
The wise tend to reflect, and so I’m like a mirror
He commanded, “Love each other”, and so my vision is clearer
I believe in inspiration, and so I rarely ever edit
Humility comes before honor, and so I save change but don’t use credit
Gandhi liked to walk, and he could out walk us all, and so I like to walk, and get up every time I fall
We live, we learn, we laugh and we love
And so I give, I earn, I pass and I hug
I practice love and faith, respect and endurance
And so a smile on my face I accept the changing currents
There are twelve hours of sunlight, and so I walk by day
The simple man said, “Troubles would come”
And so he said they would not stay
The righteous man has nothing to fear in this life of the next,
And so my worries dissolve
Renounce and rejoice,
And so my problems are solved
It has been written: Love the Lord and be free
And so I’m free as a bird
I’m here to help, and so I give you my word
Just call me Ricky b. Wright, and so I’m almost never wrong
I could go on all night, and so it is… the same old song

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