And The Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To…..

My whole life I have played roles
I change roles depending who is around
My characters include: oldest son, brother, boy friend, Wayne Train, friend, co-worker, Skeevy, and Wayne Everbeck

Like most actors I enjoy having a captive audience
So in my past I usually surrounded myself with tons of people
My supporting cast determined my actions

If my personality changes depending who I am around
Then I better choose my company well.

Am I being true to myself and the people I am around if I am acting?
I don’t know how I would act if I was told to stop acting by someone.
Does everybody act differently depending on the company?
When nobody is around am I acting for myself?
Is it acting if nobody is there to witness it?
Is this person behind the actor actually me?
Who is that person?
Who am I?

Am I using people?
So that I can be perceived as a good brother, friend, or lover?

Is being good more important than the reason why?

Am I playing the best role possible or am
I just trying to avoid conflicts by adapting my behavior to the needs of others?
I will always be me because I cannot be anybody else. Right?

Playing all of these roles shapes part of my personality because
It affects how people interact with me

I know I want to be seen as favorable to others.
I want to be the best Wayne I can be.
I am just not sure about what being a great Wayne looks like?

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