And this is only the Bathroom

By doing small things
That might safe time later
I realize how much I sacrifice the present to
Reward the possibility of the future

I unwrap a single toilet paper roll and
Put it under the other
Unfinished one

Knowing that if I put two
Toilet paper rolls under the first
Unfinished toilet paper roll
That it will get used up faster due to
The surplus of toilet paper

I go pee
Sitting down
So I don’t have to aim

I wonder if I should flush the toilet
I know my girlfriend doesn’t like it

I think to myself that
I will probably have to pee again before
She comes home from work

I don’t flush

I wonder if I should have brought more toilet paper
From the garage into the bathroom

Off to the garage I go.

I bring in eight rolls even though I only used one
And I didn’t even really use it

I just got it ready for when the
First toilet paper roll ends

I know other people don’t think like me

I am afraid of what I might find out
If I ask people if this is normal.

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