Anne gives nothing to me
Except a few moments of careful thought
And this is priceless
Anne likes to get lost
Sometimes I find myself wandering
As she makes circles around me
But I follow her like a pup
As I’m stuck wondering
If she’ll ever see the real me
I love you Anne!
Anne is not in love with me
But she has some love for me
Her main man beats her down
Anne runs back to him for more
After all she’s lost
I can understand that is
Anne’s way to learn
I love you Anne!
Anne said she doesn’t like to be alone
So I gave her everything I had
It’s clear to see
Where her friends come from
They only call if something is needed
Seems to me that she’ll always be alone
Except in the moments of love from on high
This fills my heart so I never need to worry
Knowing that her children are watching over her
And His love guides her to Him
I will always love my Anne and her children.

Rich Love Awesome Friends Forever and Always!!!

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