At The Wind’s Mercy

Do you ever feel like you’re being guided
Blown around like a leaf in a world that’s two-sided
Have you ever found yourself stuck between the valley
That’s where I found myself and sweet Sally

At the wind’s mercy
Let me drown away the past
At the wind’s mercy
We need love to last

Sometimes my tears run deeper than the ocean
And all my fears hide the only real notion
If I could take back all of the pain and its cause
I’d do it again just for the applause

At the wind’s mercy
That’s where I’ll be
At the wind’s mercy
Love is always free

This was the last song written for my concept album. It was a very strange time for me…being guided by Meher Baba, but believing I was channeling John Lennon and Hunter S. Thompson made it even beyond strange. I remember this was the last of a series of tunes sent to Dr. Allan Y. Cohen has my manic mind needed it approved. I remember being locked up in a holding tank reading the walls and believing my first incarnation in the world was Eve from the Garden of Eden. On the wall, I read that the name Sally was Hebrew for Eve.
I don’t know if that’s true, but you can imagine the explosion of imagination that followed. That’s when I believed Pete Townshend wrote “Tommy” for me and what was to come. “Sally take my hand – we’ll travel South cross land – put out the fire…the modern day Tommy (Rich Love).

Copyright Rich Love © 2008

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