One more moment
We exist like this always
But where have we gone, been?

Away from it,

I sit here, reverently
In a matter of an instant, most things have changed
Where am I going? I ask the coffee table
It will be here for me tomorrow, so there is my answer
The mirror holds my enabler.
That painting. Dead,
Like porcelain. Beautiful,
Like that too. Alive?
Always a possibility
I must keep moving, so
Solidification and the,
Stagnation can not, keep up, and
Keep up


I lay here, in reverence
Under stars that will reveal themselves to me
City lights can’t stop this. This process
Not if I remember.
Old ties and, forth coming lies
For them, I mourn.
New existence takes this life out of old souls
Know better. Been here before.
The Tower – is a myth
So true. It crumbles. And then shakes
Energy, not destroyed. It, seeds this place
Then starts anew

But, I’ve imagined much of this. This is obvious to me
What was not so clear, was that everything before this: imagined, as well
Dreaming the impossible, in real time
Leaves space for all things
You can never do

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