Author: Gina B. Lalonde

  • RAY

    It happened again. This time with Ray. Second Uncle to die. Second Uncle to kill himself. Gordie first. Now Ray. I knew it was about him when my mom called me. I knew what she was going to say. And I knew how he had done it. A loner who hanged himself. Didn’t come to […]

  • Storm

    I am feeling so cooped up right now. Not able to stretch, to speak, to cry. Things twist and curve and roll off my eyelids like the storm outside. I shudder when the ground does. I flash green when the sky does. There is mania in my eyes and a hole in my chest. Like […]

  • Wrote it High

    I. Brief passages of time and rhythm, don’t rush don’t slow don’t slouch Evolution can’t be forced into a dominatrix position. We were wrong. We were all wrong. Time is not international enough yet for the Kama Sutra. Don’t sit back and error space correct until it is all over, your life flown by like […]

  • The First Day of Fall

    Jorjian Brown was born on the cusp of uproar and downfall. Only one year shy of nineteen thirty, to be exact. She was a slimy beast that had crawled out of the underbelly’s belly—as her father had put it. There was not much to Jorjian. Her hair was cropped short by the age of ten. […]

  • T.O.D

    A black cloud has taken hold. We call it the Tunnel Of Doom. Anikke feels it over Jill. Meghan feels it over Mary. Kareem feels it over Kahlid. And I feel it over no one. Not for cancer, not for cat sh*t on the carpet, not for a spray-painted hate crime on the other side […]

  • The Roof

    Things misspoken to Travis. If there isn’t a reason, I’d be abandoned by my own shivers. I’m pacing the roof. Again, I almost jump. But why not pull myself back from the edifice of eternal splatter.

  • For Meghan

    I met Nathan when I went to read a story at the Hugo House. He read too. He has reddish hair– like copper flaking away its green. His teeth are wide. One is melded into another. I feel so much sadness for him. He will come meet my family tomorrow night. We’ll converge, at their […]

  • Skipping Out

    Skipping out from work to check my bank account. The deadly numbers scared me sideways. Slipping below pink zone. I end up shaking in an alley in early morning. Watching pigeons flip their wings diligently above church spires and telephone wires. The station looms next to the smell of the Hostess Cupcake factory. Should I […]

  • The Message

    I spoke with Travis tonight. Told him I might be in love with him. He’s the first person who’s ever validated me. If only Patrick could be a shell and I could insert Travis’s empathy, wisdom, and sensitivity into him. ‘Kurt is a very lucky man,’ I told Travis. And then I hung up the […]

  • On the Couch

    I had a really scary dream. But not as scary as the sweating burned bodies of the past. This time it felt like I was sucked into a vortex of past nights crying. Like when I called that doctor woman– she had given me her card on my day-pass away from the psych ward. “I’m […]