For Meghan

I met Nathan when I went to read a story at the Hugo House. He read too. He has reddish hair– like copper flaking away its green. His teeth are wide. One is melded into another. I feel so much sadness for him. He will come meet my family tomorrow night. We’ll converge, at their apartment. Me, Nathan, Jim and Linda. No Jen, no Lauren, no Abbi, no Lewis. Just us. I’ve never done that with a boy before. But he’s the kinda guy that will let you stop his hand from traveling between you, not getting angry, not getting flushed. I tried to call Dad to cancel but he was too drunk to talk, incoherent really. Slurring his “See you toborrow.” My ma was too busy to talk. Nathan was counting on it. So I couldn’t cancel with him. So I’m writing this. For Meghan.

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