Author: Kevin J

  • A l l ow

    There’s a way to do this. Time may be running out, but somehow there’s a peace, to passionate ambivalence. May I say that there is a method to it all? The seeing, the challenges wrapped in what seems like forbidden tension, are all creating something, a person maybe. But not I. Enjoying is so deliriously […]

  • Ole

    Please make me maker make me more, make it hurt if it must. Make me holy, make me scratch make it bleed make it never coming back I hold you, with passion stored as barking, binding of tremors & pulling of levers I didn’t know I had Anymore will I be able to call to […]

  • Black Arts

    Ways that you have. Magicianary. Effort must have lost all appeal. I wonder about you. And the way fingertips dance across these follicles – all waiting for the chance Know, that pride leaves me. No space when that silhoutte enters. Dawns of an old night repeat beautifully, in peace with the ongoing surprise May I […]

  • A Love Story

    Trouble, mounted, waters running shy. Win, mirrored as poltergeist of place that’s long been forgotten in futures that have left a place for us Sticks and blood, we and heat, as friction, rubbing incessantly, in to, oblivion. Fire, smoke broken, wars. Dual placements evaporate as pressure, – heat – takes us, as well. Mounted, clouds, […]

  • Stay

    You left me with no choice With scattered lines of treacherous poems, riddled in excess, waiting for more I’ve landed within grounds, fertile and bold Manageable halls, turning, to boundless wombs And my thought is still lost in you Fragments with no image, sound, just raw remembrance Your fragrance, and my love, make knots In […]

  • White Noise

    If we are destined, white noise will be our peak Meshing, or, melding, back together The taste – more than we could meet Horizons lay dormant for you and yours, and for this moment We could be, more than a quenched flame found among memories We could be eternal, only dreaming of boundaries. And One

  • Unveiled

    Baited steps into the places I have no recollection of Lucky streaks have kept my dawns from going dusk forever I awake to the illusion of walls and mirrors And fall into a trance of timeless becoming Back to, and out of, this dream I’ve wept over bleak aspects but have never been more enamored […]

  • Steps Into Your

    I could kiss you, and leave My unabridged walking towards this Heavy hearted me from a Picture frame, now ordained as the Box that I make my way around in, indefinitely You turned out to be Too much, for me A real thing despite the, usual, illusory backdrop Our surroundings cast the shadows of my […]

  • Written In Blood

    What will come of this Flowers, life and oblivion If we are fortunate Dreaming only within its own territory is not enough, never was Beyond parameters of Imagination, mainly, because the Possiblities reign endlessly In the crimson void of symmetry Destined for beyond

  • Ms.

    Her shadows beckon the ultimate return Birthed and bothered by a call of the voluptuous luminescence Must get back where, the curves are no question Where I am the exception Fly on the wall not even Just a small speck of sight that gets to witness long legs and a fitness Hurdling miles per second […]