You left me with no choice
With scattered lines of treacherous poems, riddled in excess, waiting for more
I’ve landed within grounds, fertile and bold
Manageable halls, turning, to boundless wombs
And my thought is still lost in you

Fragments with no image, sound, just raw remembrance
Your fragrance, and my love, make knots
In stomachs, bound to underworlds
You, bring fire

Finding you, taking back what is left of me in eyes
And bringing you with me, rising

Or drowning in flames because of
But I cannot remain

Scatter your own upon me, gently
As you come with me
Lifted, or,
we, the descendants

of bliss

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  1. kevin j,
    sharply written. great flow. verbal pazzaz! as in your bio: to write about what you don’t understand is a way to work it all out, and grow. delightful poem. yours, will

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