Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle

Today I imagine myself at peace.
Find a f*ck-buddy tonight.
Update your credit.
Outbid: notice.
Re: Flickr acct.
Planning for retirement?
Take a holistic approach.
Be a class act.
Become a teacher.
Sneaker research: survey.
Om I mean OMG someone has a crush on you!
You’ve been pre-approved!
Win a trip to Las Vegas strip.
Could you imagine me in Vegas?
F*ck, buddy not tonight.
I’m in debt.
Notice the flicker of life before retirement.
Make a mind-body connection along the way.
Connect with some people.
Participate. Voice your opinion. Put yourself out there.
Say No to GMO’s in your Food! Say Yes to NGO’s they’re good!

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